Stage 4 Processing

Final Milling & Screening

The Dual Drive Crackermill will accept 4-8 mm crumb and futher process into fine powders ranging from 20 to 80 mesh material. Final rubber sizing happens at this stage to produce these fine powders.

By Products: Fine rubber powders


Rubberized Asphalt and Molded Rubber Products




Rubberized Asphalt


A unique blending of powdered tire rubber, aggregate and special binders make for exceptional roadway and other paving projects.


Benefits: Exceptional drainage, resistant to freezing temperatures, quieter than traditional paving, less cracking over time, uses less thickness than traditional asphalt, safer for the driver.


Injection or Molded Products


The rubber powder is mixed with a binding agent to mold into a wide variety of new products such as auto parts, shoe soles, exercise mats, and is used in building construction for the reduction of vibration or sound absorption on both floors and flat roof projects.


Benefits: Durable, lasts a long time, binds with a wide range of different polymers, used in many industries.


CM Equipment Used for Stage 4

    CM Dual Drive Crackermill
    Final sizing screen
    Bagging station(s)
    Assorted conveyors



Stage 1 Equipment + Stage 2 Equipment + Stage 3 Equipment +
CM Dual Drive Crackermill and Final Screener
20 - 80 Mesh Rubber Powders used for Rubberized Asphalt Injection Molded or Pressed Products