Stage 2 Processing

Liberation - Steel Removal

Pre-shredded tires are introduced to the CM Liberator which removes the steel from the rubber fraction. Further reduction of the shred or chips into coarse ground rubber feedstock is accomplished. Clean steel is ready for resale. Initial fiber is extracted using a dust collection/air system.

By Products: Wire free crumb rubber - 38 mm to 6 mm (1.5” to .25”) Clean steel 95%+ free of contaminants








Additional Revenue Stream




Rubber Mulch


Used for landscaping


Benefits:Deters insects, drains well, water gets to the plants, long lasting, does not fade, blow away or disintegrate, reduces weed growth and reduces soil erosion.


Playground and Equestrian Footing


Used as a loose cover for playgrounds or horse arenas.


Benefits: Softer cushion for falls, long lasting, does not blow away, deters insects, comes in many colors!


Wire Free TDF


Used for waste to energy, pyrolysis or gasification applications


Benefits: Results in high grade carbon char and makes excellent feedstock for syngas and bio-diesel fuels.


CM Equipment Used for Stage 2

    CM2R Liberator - for smaller operations
    CM4R Liberator - for larger operations
    Belt Magnet
    Steel Reclaim System with drum magnet (recommended for best quality clean steel)
    Assorted conveyors
    Air/dust collection system (optional)

CM4R Liberator


Stage 1 Equipment + CM Liberator + CM Steel Reclaim System (recommended)
Rubber Mulch, Loose Playground/Equestrian Footing, Wire Free TDF
and Clean Steel Ready for Resale