Knife Configurations

The CM Double-Stack™

Columbus McKinnon Corporation has added the Double Stack knife system to its line of tire shredders and chip shredders. This exciting feature offers operators that have dedicated truck tire operations or require primary shredding, a proven cost effective solution.

We have taken our proven Holman knife design and adapted it to process larger tires with less horsepower. By stacking the knives side by side, we have reduced the number of cuts taken on whole tires, which results in less energy consumption.

By placing the knives side by side, or Double Stacking them, knives are operated until worn, removed and repositioned for a second use without regrinding them. In addition knives can be sharpened twice, thus allowing six uses for each knife.

This new feature is offered on all new and existing models.

The CM Multi-Stack™

  • CM offers the Multi-Stack™ Knife System in its line-up of tire shredders and chip shredders.
  • This exciting feature utilizes multiple width knives in the same machine. This allows worn knives to be sharpened and reused in the cutting chamber for maximum use.
  • Knives can be sharpened twice allowing for three uses for each knife.
  • This feature is offered on all new and existing models including box swaps.

The CM Hybrid-Stack™

The CM Hybrid Stack is the latest round of technology advances in the CM Shredder line-up. Depending on the application, this robust primary shredder can be stacked with removable rotors outfitted with a variety of knife configurations.

  • The shredder can accept removable rotors outfitted with CM patented Holman knives including a multi stack or double stack configuration which is the standard for producing clean cut tire chips for the cement and energy industries.
  • The Holman knives can be paired with shear technology and is highly effective for processing whole truck and small OTR tires into primary shred for further downstream processing.
  • The Hybrid can be stacked with one piece solid shear knives. This configuration is suitable for processing contaminated tires or used for applications producing rubber powders when the material size and exposed wire is not critical.

This “Hybrid” design allows it to be one of the most versatile machines in the industry.