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Your process shouldn’t be delayed because you can’t get the wear parts you need. At Columbus McKinnon, we’re committed to ship our most common wear items in 3 business days or less.

--That’s our In-Stock Guarantee.

If we fail to ship any In-Stock Guaranteed item on time you will receive 5% off your next order for those items that did not ship.

Orders received after 12:00 noon EST, are considered next day. For qualifying late items, the subsequent order must be received within 120 days of the original order date.

Contact us to take advantage of this In-Stock Guarantee and receive the wear parts and products you need and minimize your down time!

Complete List of In Stock Guaranteed Products

Shredder Knives

T05444 2.2
T05443 2.1
T05286 2
T05442 1.9
T05285 1.8
T05441 1.7
T05440 1.6

Liberator Knives

LIB880 static
LIB881 static washer
LIB415 rotor
LIB441 end rotor
LIB014 filler


T04401 2.2, 2.1 R
T04402 2.2, 2.1 L
T01088 2.0 R
T01089 2.0 L
T02283 1.6-1.9 R
T02284 1.6-1.9 L

Wear Liners

LIB904 static L
LIB905 static R
LIB1198 corner, front
LIB1196 middle, front
LIB1274 middle, rear
LIB1275 corner, rear
LIB1705 front
LIB1200 rear

Primary Wearplates

PCB031 3.6 R
PCB032 3.6 L
PCB033 4.0 R
PCB034 4.0 L
PCB012 4.4 R
PCB013 4.4 L


LIB1128 prim. wedge 1/2
LIB1970 prim. wedge 5/8
LIB046 secondary wedge
LIB2113 rotor wearplate
LIB073 rotor wearplate
LIB444 scraper

Tie Bars

T04156 2.2
T04655 2.1
T00816 2
T02275 1.9
T02595 1.8
T04382 1.7
T02648 1.6

Knife Bolts


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