CM Refurbished and Rebuilt Equipment

Refurbished Equipment

CM offers equipment that has been refurbished at the CM factory by utilizing the frames and cutting box chambers of out of service machines. The frames and boxes are completely sandblasted, primed and repainted to be reused in building the refurbished machine.


CM will remove the shaft assembly’s from the cutter box and replace with brand new shafts, rotors, bearings, knives, wear plates and tie bars. The main motor is rebuilt and the gear box is inspected and reassembled.


The machine includes an all new electrical cabinet and wiring featuring our new PLC touchscreen control panel.


The refurbished equipment can be outfitted with new conveyors, safety and maintenance platforms and jib crane for ease of maintenance.


All CM refurbished equipment comes with a full one year guarantee on parts and service.


Rebuilt Equipment

Additionally, CM is a full service provider for our existing customers who wish to extend the life of their equipment by offering rebuilds on any part or for the entire machine. This can be as simple as a new set of shafts or as detailed as rebuilding and/or updating the entire machine. This service is offered on all existing CM Equipment.

Equipment Currently Available