CM has been pioneering the development of tire recycling systems since 1982. CM was the first company to develop "turnkey" systems specifically designed for the reduction of scrap tires with the intent on creating valuable end products, commonly known today as tire derived materials. Our in depth knowledge of markets for products derived from scrap tires has given us the leading edge in developing tire recycling systems that create value for our customers. Over the years we have worked closely with our customers, leading industry professionals and numerous industry associates to assist in the development of innovative market driven solutions for tire derived materials.

CM recognized the value of the "Holman Patent" a patented shredder knife system that created extremely close knife to knife tolerances. This system allowed processors to create high quality tire chips with very little exposed steel. This patent was purchased and coupled with an innovative, highly efficient, patented screening system, which together created a system that produced clean cut chips of consistent size. This innovative technology was incremental to the advancement of the tire derived fuel and tire derived aggregate markets.

As markets for smaller materials grew CM developed its patented Liberator™. As its name implies, the CM Liberator is a highly advanced system for the liberation of tire wire from the rubber. CM knew that if clean steel was produced it could be sold to steel mills creating an additional revenue steam thereby eliminating costly disposal fees.

For the processor looking to maximize their profits adding a Steel Reclaim System after the Liberator will further screen and separate comingled steel and rubber that is generated from the tire recycling process. The material value can be greatly enhanced by this additional Zero Waste Processing solution. The system utilizes a special screen in combination with magnetic separators to reclaim all of the steel and rubber.

CM has also added milling equipment to the line-up with the most recent addition of the Dual Drive™ Crackermill. This technology allows processors to remove the remaining nylon fiber from the rubber fraction and to further reduce the rubber granulate to powders ranging from 20-80 mesh which is used in many applications including, rubberized asphalt for roadways and a wide variety of molded products.

All CM Equipment is proudly made in the USA at our Sarasota, FL factory.